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stands out for its exceptional flavour, rich taste, low acidity and high level quality. Korinthia contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids necessary for a healthy diet. Enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of Korinthia with vegetables, sauces, salads, bread, fish and meats.

What sizes of Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil are available?

750mL bottle 3 litre can

Available in Marasca 750mL glass bottles and 3-Litre tins.


  • Brand: Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Place of Origin: Corinth, Greece
  • Price: Competitive. Discounts determined by quantity.
  • Acid: 0 - 0.5% (We have the official chemical analysis.)
  • Variety: Manaki
  • Harvest Year: 2017
  • Labelling: English and French
  • Produced by: Union Of Agricultural Cooperatives Of Korinthia
  • Imported by: ALPHA TRADE
  • Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dry location away from direct light. Do not expose to moisture, freeze, or keep in the fridge.
  • CAUTION: Oil will burn if overheated. Do not heat above 350°F (180°C). Never leave oil unattended while heating.

Nutritional Facts can be found in our Healthy Living section.
Please click here for the printable (.pdf) version of our Informational Leaflet.

If you are interested in trying Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil please contact ALPHA TRADE for a sample or buy at Halifax specialty food locations.

Is Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil available in wholesale quantities?

Yes, ALPHA TRADE specializes in the wholesale market and provides quantities by the case.


3-Litre Tins 750mL Bottles




6 x 3-Litres 12 x 750mL


60 cases (12 x 5) 68 cases (17 x 4)

How much does Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil cost?

ALPHA TRADE provides the best value for high quality olive oil in the market. Our prices are competitive and discounts are available depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are interested in purchasing Korinthia Extra Olive Oil and want a free sample or more information about Korinthia, please contact us.

Where does Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from?

The KORINTHIAN LAND, a place endowed with historical and natural gifts, extends its loving arm to the northeast part of the Peloponnese while it also constitutes a small part of Mainland Greece.

Since ancient times, the KORINTHIAN LAND has been offering man an invaluable commodity: that of high quality olive oil. The favourable climate, the rich soil, the “Manaki” variety of olive tree, which is mainly cultivated in Korinthia, with the close attention and care of the olive growers combining to produce a unique product.

The olive tree is a pillar of Mediterranean culture and has a rich history.

In ancient Greece, athletes would ritually rub olive oil on their skin, believing that it would provide them with great stamina and health. Homer refered to olive oil as "liquid gold" in his historic writings.

Olive oil is more than food to the people of the Mediterranean: for thousands of years, it has been a source of fascination and wonder, a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, peace, health, and beauty. It has played a defining role on lively Mediterranean tradition, healthy cuisine, and religious ceremony.

How is Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced?

Korinthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice extracted from the olives. It is cold extracted exclusively though mechanical or other natural methods (pressing, centrifuging and separation processes), which do not alter its quality or nutritional value.

For more information on the production, cultivation, and history of olive oil, visit www.OliveOil.gr.

What are the health benifits of using extra virgin olive oil?

Using olive oil regularily in your diet has many benifits to your health, in fact, we've dedicated a whole section to it!

Look in our Healthy Living section to find in depth information about the positive effects of olive oil on your body, as well as links to recipes that will inspire unique and healthy meal ideas.

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